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Castle/Beckett appreciation week day 6 [x]
↳ growth: how far they’ve come

Hi wonderful human being. Sorry so late I fell asleep. :) - ggxoxo

That is totally fine sweetie!! sleep is GOOOOOD!! Have a great day!!

sqaw ; [3/7] favourite quote → it’s inside you, emma. save the bridge. save yourself.

SQ Appreciation Week
↳Day 7 - Favorite Fanfiction: A Fine Line by hunnyfresh


What if you and your icon switched voices for an entire week.


Swan Queen Appreciation Week - Day 2
     ↳ Favorite Moment: The Stakeout

As great as the big, explosive moments are with these two and they truly are nothing ever beats the calm, quiet, and simple moments that allow for discussion and bonding. I could literally watch nothing but these two sitting around, waiting, because they have so much to deal with in that kind of “time out” space.

And I love everything about how they do just that. They don’t snipe or argue but there’s still huffing and eye-rolling because they are, you know, them and they discuss some pretty heavy things - like Emma almost not coming back - that are so loaded the moment could easily devolve into a fight. Except it doesn’t; they talk, and actually connect, and joke around a little. 

They let their guards down and look at each other tenderly and in sympathy and in empathy. They let themselves understand each other, share their thoughts and fears, and they smile about it. It’s easy. Their conversation is bittersweet and circles hard truths, but they don’t struggle through any of it; it’s natural and safe.

And then, on top of it all, they share dorky mom grins about their kid.



day 3, fav quote: our son

wow much shocking, such surprise…more relatives really??

This family tree is only growing and growing :P


Mr. Gold will find out in season 4 he has another child! How will he react to this news?image